Casa La Cartujita

Redefining the boutique experience, Casa La Cartujita provides an unrivaled intimate setting with its attentive staff that will make you feel just at home.


Enjoy the rich history and culture that Cartagena has to offer. Founded on June 1st, 1533 by Spanish Commander Pedro de Heredia, the city has turned into a cultural center for all of Colombia. Its allure and charm is one and only with its famous Spanish colonial architecture found throughout the old city; in fact, the largest colonial city in the Americas, not to mention, its status as a World Heritage Site. Cartagena is not only its walls but its people too. You'll feel invigorated as the citizens are eager to share their experiences with others, whether walking through the day or dancing at night. With all these special elements that make the city unique in its own right, many events and festivals such as the Film Festival of Cartagena, the Hay Festival for Literature, the Classical Music Festival, and the November Parties call Cartagena home. This historic city has much to share with the rest of the world.

We are proud to introduce to you Cartagena and are excited for you to come stay with us at Casa la Cartujita!




Photographs provided by COTELCO Cartagena

Calle del Curato #38-53

+57 5 660 5248