Casa La Cartujita

Redefining the boutique experience, Casa La Cartujita provides an unrivaled intimate setting with its attentive staff that will make you feel just at home.

Our Story

Established in 1777, but said to be much older, Casa la Cartujita would serve as the haven for Carthusian monks in the New World. The home was originally built as a monastery for the Carthusian order in Cartagena during the Spanish Colonial Era. As years passed, the monastery would be known endearingly as "La Cartujita", meaning "House of Carthusian monks".

Through a rigorous historical study to find and preserve architectural elements original to the building dating back to the times of the Spanish conquest, the monastery would be completely remodeled, transformed to the home it is today. this project would commence after the death of Juan Zapata Olivella, a philanthropist, physician, poet, and diplomat, owner of the home and beloved by the people of Cartagena during his time.

Casa la Cartujita still offers the same tranquility felt by the Carthusian monks upon arrival. Its majestic molded wooden doors, which served as the gateway for people to escape the many distractions of the city for hundreds of years, is now open to you. It is this tradition of serenity that Casa la Cartujita still achieves today. We invite you to this old world oasis furnished with luxurious, modern amenities in the antique city of Cartagena.

Calle del Curato #38-53

+57 5 660 5248